digital hearing aid

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dig·i·tal hear·ing aid

(dij'i-tăl hēr'ing ād)
Programmable hearing aid that can be customized to the extent of the user's hearing loss.
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The hospitals have slashed the waiting period for digital hearing aids from more than two years to 12 weeks.
The large demand for digital hearing aids means that the Trust will be discussing investment in audiology services with the local Health Boards in due course.
The glasses are attractively styled and no-one will guess that they contain a high performance digital hearing aid.
DIGITAL hearing aids are to be available free on the NHS from next month - and Rugby and Kenilworth MP Andy King has welcomed the news.
Everyone was given to understand they could have a digital hearing aid if they needed one from last August, but it really needed to be a roll out programme.
MORE than 4,000 people have been fitted with new digital hearing aids as part of a groundbreaking NHS project.
I was working in an accountancy firm and the difference the digital hearing aid made was incredible.
It demands that the Government acts to improve waiting times for digital hearing aids.
NEW AID: Jane Hutt watches clinical scientist Rhys Meredith fit a digital hearing aid to Elizabeth Jones at Gorseinon Hospital Picture: TREVOR WATERS
Bill Clinton had his digital hearing aid implanted directly into the canal of his ear last year.
Innova is the Company's next generation of high-end digital hearing aid technology offering unmatched hearing aid consumer benefits and features.
But that has become less effective and now Patricia is being fitted for a new digital hearing aid - and she should be able to hear birdsong again.