digital hearing aid

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dig·i·tal hear·ing aid

(dij'i-tăl hēr'ing ād)
Programmable hearing aid that can be customized to the extent of the user's hearing loss.
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Michael Keenan, Minister of Human Services, Australia, Mr Jim Birch AM, Chair, Australian Digital Health Agency, Professor Robyn Norton, Co-founder and Principal Director of the George Institute for Global Health, Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-Chancellor, UNSW Sydney, along with delegates from other countries were also present at the event.
Brighter will continue as a market-facing, client-focussed organisation serving the digital health needs of its current and prospective customers, as well as become the digital health engine for Cigna markets and segments.
Anthem Blue Cross has said that it is launching an integrated digital health platform.
Through the program, the FDA will look at a software developer or digital health technology developer overall instead of just focusing on one product at a time, like it currently does with drugs and medical gadgets.
In view of rising dual disease burden in the country and States like Maharashtra, the participants deliberated on Universal Health Care and how to accelerate Public -Private Participation (PPP), Digital Health, Home care and Prevention and Wellness to achieve the set targets.
Ieso Digital Health, a digital behavioural health company, has named Gidget Madix as its chief growth officer, it was reported yesterday.
The global digital health monitoring market is segmented based on product type, software, services and geography.
For now, smart retailers are trying to capitalize on the burgeoning market of connected digital health devices.
A Walgreens spokeswoman confirmed that Orr, who is currently working as senior director of digital health, will assume the new role on September 1.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 20, 2016-Seed fund accelerator Launchpad Digital Health expands team
Nokia has revealed its plan to acquire French consumer electronics company, Withings, for EURO 170m to make its mark in digital health.
Propeller Health, a digital health solution for respiratory medicine, and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.