digital dictation

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dig·i·tal dic·ta·tion

(dij'i-tăl dik-tā'shŭn)
System in which health care professionals' dictation is digitized.
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Contract notice: Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition & Outsourced Transcription.
Union Hospital's investments in digital dictation and transcription over the years have not only improved its documentation productivity and reduced costs, but have also helped prepare our hospital for the upcoming ICD-10 transition well in advance of the deadline.
The trust's Mobile Digital Dictation Pilot was praised by judges at the event.
The UK's largest independently owned legal software provider, has announced direct integration with Winscribe, the largest suppliers of Digital Dictation technology.
com)-- Voicebrook, the leading provider of integrated speech recognition and digital dictation solutions for Pathology, today announces that it will be exhibiting at Sunquest's SUG 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Breakthroughs in digital dictation are making radiology report turnaround time much faster.
UK provider of digital dictation and speech recognition technology BigHand announced on Friday BigHand for Healthcare version 3.
Digital dictation and speech recognition specialist Voice Technologies has promoted Stephen Gemmell to Software Development Manager and George Richardson to Software Development Assistant Manager, with the appointments highlighting the company s plans to enhance its position as a technical solutions provider to clients in legal, local government and the NHS.
Users of the latest digital dictation solutions experience many benefits, including high-quality voice recording, reduced turnaround of documents and increased flexibility to dictate.
Contract award: providing a solution for digital dictation and speech recognition and benefits of implementation.
Digital dictation company WinScribe Europe has launched version 3.
New entry-level digital dictation device offers users ease of use and advanced functionality