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A proliferative pustular dermatosis of large animals (cattle), most commonly dairy herds, but also sheep, variously linked to a spirochaete-like organism, actinomycetales, Dermatophilus congolensis or a rhizobium. A bacterial aetiology is favoured as the condition often responds to antibiotics
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Put plainly, once you've got digital dermatitis in your herd you simply can't eradicate it.
If, however, you are one of the vast majority of British dairy farmers who already has digital dermatitis in their herd, you need to get the disease to a manageable level and wage an ongoing campaign of treatment to stop the infection getting out of hand.
Mrs Speed said: "Research shows that there is a dramatic increase of digital dermatitis in the first few months after calving, whilst dry cows have relatively low levels of the disease.
It is important to start control measures for digital dermatitis before the cow calves.
Improvement of the environment has a major impact on all forms of lameness, especially digital dermatitis.
PAINFUL PROBLEM: Digital Dermatitis is one of the most common causes of lameness in housed cattle.
Antibiotic footbaths should be used only for treating digital dermatitis and then under veterinary supervision, said Mr Howe.
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