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A proliferative pustular dermatosis of large animals (cattle), most commonly dairy herds, but also sheep, variously linked to a spirochaete-like organism, actinomycetales, Dermatophilus congolensis or a rhizobium. A bacterial aetiology is favoured as the condition often responds to antibiotics
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2], declared: "Digital Dermatitis costs hundreds of millions dollars to dairy farmers worldwide, and yet there exists a gap between the findings of fundamental research on Digital Dermatitis and the needs of dairy farmers and bovine health professionals for reliable information on the disease.
DIGITAL dermatitis is an infectious disease of the bovine foot.
It is important to start control measures for digital dermatitis before the cow calves.
We consider Tasker's Unifresh(TM) Footbath a highly effective product in combating digital dermatitis.
Antibiotic footbaths should be used only for treating digital dermatitis and then under veterinary supervision, said Mr Howe.
As we come to the end of a very successful first year, it is good to take stock and review ongoing research at the centre, looking at digital dermatitis, nutrition and fertility.
A disease like digital dermatitis affects the skin area around the hoof which can produce a high morbidity rate within an infected herd.
Recent figures valued a case of digital dermatitis at pounds 125 so costs can soon mount up.
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