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Common application program interface support for middleware and application development * Packaging: TC90407XBG is housed in a 292-pin PBGA package while TC90407FG is offered in a 256-pin LQFP package Application-Specific Modules for Digital CRT TV and LCD TV Applications
TAEC offers two application-specific modules based on the TC90407XBG digital TV SoC, the DLVM-GC module for digital CRT TV applications and the DLVM-GL module for LCD TV applications.
Trident is honored to work with Konka, the leading Chinese TV manufacturer, on its multi-scan, dual-standard pure flat digital CRT television series," said Dr.
At QXGA speeds, a digital signal is technically much cleaner than an analog signal, which can translate to better image quality on a digital CRT than an analog CRT.
Nasdaq: SIMG), a price/performance leader in high-bandwidth semiconductor solutions for mass markets, today announced that its Digital Visual Interface (DVI)-compliant PanelLink(R) SiI 901 digital CRT monitor controller has been incorporated in NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display's new NEC MultiSync(R) FP1350X monitor with Ambix(TM) Technology.
While a digital signal by itself can help improve a displays performance, Sony's digital CRT display technology carries the digital signal as far into the workings of a display as possible to realize even further benefits in both product design and image quality.
Featuring Genesis Display Perfection(TM) technologies and Emmy-award winning Faroudja(R) video technology, Genesis system-on-a-chip solutions are used worldwide by display manufacturers to produce visibly better images across a broad set of devices including flat-panel displays, digital TVs, digital CRTs, projectors and DVD players/recorders.
Flat-panel displays, digital televisions, digital CRTs and consumer video products all benefit from Genesis technology, which connects and formats any kind of source content to be displayed with the highest image quality on any type of display.
In future Silicon Image will target other types of displays including LCDs, plasma and digital CRTs especially those which serve as multipurpose displays for TVs and PC monitors.
Current digital CRTs use discrete analog chips to manipulate the scanning beam in order to achieve accurate images.
Genesis focuses on developing and marketing image-processing solutions and targets the flat-panel computer monitor displays, digital televisions, digital CRTs and consumer video products.
The company's unique digital processors have been developed to support new emerging digital display devices such as flat panel monitors, TVs, projection devices, Internet appliances, and digital CRTs.

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