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Saturation of rumen digesta by nitrogen-containing substances was revealed by our measurements of total protein, non-protein nitrogen, ammonia, and amino-nitrogen.
Esonu B O, Ogbonna U D, Anyanuwn G A, Emenalom O O, Uchegbu M C, Etuk E B and A B I Udedibie Evaluation of Performance, Organs Characteristics and Economic Analysis of Broiler Finisher Fed Dried Rumen Digesta, Inter.
A longer, fuller treatment of his life can be found in Carl Joachim Friedrich's introduction to the Politica Methodice Digesta of Johannes Althusius (Althaus) (Cambridge, Mass.
Intestinal digesta of moose are heterogeneous mixtures containing large pieces of twigs (>2.
Effect of coarse ground corn, sugar beet pulp and wheat bran on the voluntary intake and physicochemical characteristics of digesta of growing pigs.
Wild boars retained 50% of digesta longer than turkeys and raccoons; however, mean time of retention between wild boars and southern plains woodrats did not differ.
Este fato, associado a reducao da ingestao de materia seca, faz com que a taxa de passagem da digesta pelo trato gastro intestinal se torne mais lenta, refletindo numa reducao da atividade e motilidade ruminal (SILANIKOVE, 1992).
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032] (Demment and Van Soest 1985), and expressed on the basis of dry matter by assuming an average moisture content of 84% in digesta (unpublished data).
O experimento foi dividido em quatro periodos experimentais com duracao de 21 dias, sendo 14 dias de adaptacao dos animais as dietas e sete dias para as colheitas de fezes, digesta duodenal e sobras.
The collected samples were washed to remove residual digesta, steam sterilized for 30 minutes, air-dried and milled with other feed ingredients.