diffuse hypertrophy

diffuse hypertrophy (breast)

An uncommon lesion of periadolescent females, which is characterised by rapid symmetrical breast enlargement; beginning around menarche, it continues for several months and then stops.
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INTRODUCTION: Congenital anomalies of breast may present as Amastia (Absence of breast tissue) Athelia (Absence of the nipple), neonatal breast hypertrophy, polymastia (Accessory breast tissue) Polythelia (Supernumerary nipples), symmastia (Webbing between the breasts across the midline) Diffuse hypertrophy of the breast, and Tuberous breast (Breast is elongated from a narrow base to take a sausage-shaped contour, with a disproportionately large and protuberant areola and nipple).
Clinically a differential diagnosis of diffuse hypertrophy of breast was suspected.
Lhermitte-Duclos disease (LDD) is also known as diffuse hypertrophy of the cerebellar cortex or dysplastic cerebellar gangliocytoma.
As the disorder progresses, diffuse hypertrophy of the connective tissue and sebaceous glands ensues.

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