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1. something that makes a distinction between two differing items.
2. the additional financial reward given to health care providers for working on a particular shift or in a particular unit.
3. in Canadian hospitals, the extra charge for a semiprivate or private room over the basic room rate subsidized by the provincial health plan.


Relating to, or characterized by, a difference; distinguishing.
[L. differo, to carry apart, differ, fr. dis, apart]


pertaining to or creating a difference.


Differential diagnosis, see there.


A blood cell count in which the percentages of cell types are calculated as well as the total number of cells.


exhibiting or depending on a difference.

differential absorption
see differential absorption.
differential cell count
see differential count.
differential diagnosis
the differences between diseases in terms of clinical signs and epidemiological parameters; used as a basis for selecting as a diagnosis the one with the best fit to those seen in the subject.
differential leukocyte count
see differential count.
differential milk cell counts
count of cells in a milk sample including individual counts of somatic cells and individual leukocyte types.
differential thromboplastin time
used in differentiating the cause of hemophilia. Reagents containing either factor VIII or factor IX are added in the partial thromboplastin time test to demonstrate which factor corrects the prolonged clotting time.

Patient discussion about differential

Q. How do you differentiate between fluorosis and caries? Both appear as white spots on the teeth, so clinically how do you differentiate between them? I know it has something to do with their appearance while wet and dry, but I am not sure what? please help me I can't find this in any book.

A. Only mild fluorosis is seen as white stop lesion on the tooth. It usually comes with brown spots. Look for them. Another method is trying to stick a dental explorer into it (not the Microsoft one- it’ll only be a portal for viruses..) and because caries is demineralized area it will feel kind of sticky. But I wouldn’t do that…it can harm the teeth. Another way is by an x ray. Fluorosis- you will see it as a whiter spot. Caries- a more translucent spot.

Q. Differentiate Wheezing & Asthma My sister who is 29 years old is suffering from wheezing for the past 7 years. Its not a genetic problem. Some times she uses inhaler for temporary recovery. She tried English medicine, homeo and other treatments. Is it an Asthma? I find very difficult in seeing her struggle when she find hard to breathe. Please help to make her free out of this struggle.

A. i see what scares you...it's frustrating to see your loved ones suffer and you cannot help. if she is has an inhaler- that mean she has been to the Dr. and he prescribed her some kind of medicine. without giving a diagnose first...?

Q. how can i differentiate between normal stomach ache and an Appendicitis? I've been having a strange sharp pain in my stomach lately and a friend of mine told me it could be Appendicitis.

A. When you have Appendicitis, there should be a sharp pain on the right lower Abdomen. but you mustn't forget that Appendicitis is an inflammation. which means you'll have a fever some time in the near future, and it always get worse. not like other Abdominal pains. you'll vomit probably. i had my Appendix removed 2 years ago. don't worry, it's not too bad ;).

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The aim of the work is to obtain analytical and graphical dependences of the efficiency between the driving and the driven links in single-stage single-row and two-row differential gears with closed hydraulic system, when the driving link is the carrier, and the driven one is the epicycle, and vice versa.
DGO3 needs to be improved in anti-wear at the tapered roller bearing, whereas DGO2 needs improvement in both anti-wear at the tapered roller bearing and anti-seizure at the differential gear.
Traction engine with power turning, using differential gears instead of conventional wheel clutches.
The fast-stroke cylinders with differential gears also promote high clamping speeds and, consequently, short dry-cycle times.
It also has quick-stroke hydraulic cylinders with externally mounted differential gears for fast mold open and closing.
The products, which will be manufactured at seven different Metaldyne facilities, include cold-and warm-forged net-shape differential gears, ring gears and stem pinions.
The team also tested and rejected more complex and costly improvements, such as shock absorbers and differential gears.
1960s - GM undertook fleet testing of austempered ductile iron (ADI) differential gears on taxicabs and achieved excellent results.
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In 1928, Robert recalls, the steamer's differential gears were changed, requiring removal of the right rear wheel.
The S170 axles incorporate patent-pending axial power ribs, an integral pinion cage and carrier, induction hardened bearing journals, large wheel differential gearing and precision forged differential gears.

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