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The magnitude or degree by which one quality or quantity differs from another of the same kind.


/dif·fer·ence/ (dif´er-ens) the condition or magnitude of variation between two qualities or quantities.differen´tial
arteriovenous oxygen difference  the difference in the blood oxygen content between the arterial and venous systems.


Degree of variation found in the comparison of two similar items.


in mathematical terms the result after subtracting one value from another; the difference may be negative or positive.

Patient discussion about difference

Q. Is there any difference in sugar. Is there any difference in sugar between flavored milk and fruit drinks or carbonated soft drinks?

A. Yes …Flavored milk contains both natural and added sugars and has less added sugar than carbonated soft drinks. It has been found that flavored milk just contributes only 2-4 % of total added sugar in kid’s diets as compared to 50-60 percent or more by soft and fruit drinks.

Q. Are there any different exercises I would have to do? I’m due any day now (hopefully). I am 23 years old and am 39w 5d with my first child and I used to be 5'7 160. I am now 5'7 208: I wanted to know from the people on this site if they have any diet/exercise tips on me trying to get myself physically fit again. I dream to work for FDNY as an EMT next year so being physically fit is a strong requirement to be hired. Are there any different exercises I would have to do?

A. congratulations!!!
it does sounds like your baby is a big one and might need a c-section. in that case here is some info about exercising after a c-section:

if it won't be in a c-section, here is an article about that:

Q. How are cancer cells similar to normal cells, and how are they different? I know that a similarity would be cells regenerate, and a difference would be cancer cells grow uncontrollably. Is there anything else?

A. I learned a lot of new things from the answers. Thanks.

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It said it has been a consistent view of the apex court that the classification was permissible, provided the same was backed by law, rules or was based on reasonable differentia.
specified by an individual differentia "contracting" its form
Hans Jonas has already raised that basic question: In his paper Homo Pictor and the Differentia of Man (1966), he discusses the impact of the "picture faculty" on the conception of human nature.
For there must be differentiae of each genus, and each differentia must be one; but it is impossible either for the species of the genus to be predicated of the specific differentiae, or for the genus to be predicated without its species.
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She continues with action-angle variables, integrability and Galois groups (including the Arnold-Liouville theorem, as revisited through differentia Galois theory), Lax closing with an introduction to Lax equations as they apply to the Arnold-Liouville theorem.
In an attempt for answering the question "What is Art" Zangwill prefers a methodology of rational explanation rather than a metaphysical one such as searching for the common characteristics of art works that are their differentia not found in other objects manmade or natural, i.