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Nutritionist A health professional with specialized training in diet and nutrition


, dietician (dī-ĕ-tĭsh′ăn) [Gr. diaita, way of living]
An individual whose training and experience are in the area of nutrition and who has the ability to apply that information to the dietary needs of the healthy and sick.

registered dietitian

Abbreviation: RD
A specialist in dietetics who has met the requirements for certification stipulated by the American Dietetic Association.


A person trained in DIETETICS.

Patient discussion about dietician

Q. Any dietitians here? Please tell me what are the different types of fatty acids available?

A. i'm not a dietitian either but i love reading about nutrition. so i can tell you that here are 2 families of essential fatty acids (fatty acids that our body cannot create by it's on).
here is the wikipedia entry about them :

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No one takes issue with the assertion that dieticians have a far higher level of professional qualification but to refer to nutritionists in such a dismissive and disparaging manner is simply crass.
NHS dieticians also work in the community, where they give advice on a one-to-one basis and to groups.
Arnold said, but VA dieticians don't recommended so-called crash diets as a healthy way to lose weight or maintain weight loss.
The high prevalence of diabetes and obesity has pushed up demand for dieticians in the country.
The starting wage for a dietician working in the NHS is around pounds 17,500.
The Atlanta-area branch pharmacy employs a multidisciplinary team comprised of nurses with backgrounds in hematology/oncology, intensive care, immunology, transplant and pediatrics; clinical pharmacists who provide therapeutic drug monitoring and consult with physicians to facilitate positive clinical outcomes and nutrition support dieticians available to provide consultation.
You can't just live on raw fruit and vegetables," says Lubna Surya, dietician at Al Rafa Polyclinic.
Byline: RUTH BREEZE, a community dietician for south Warwickshire, talks about the role of dieticians and how they are trained to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to food
Pink Sheets:NHYF), a producer and marketer of unique, natural protein foods, announced today that Kate Geagan MS, RD, an award-winning dietician and nutritional consultant, has joined Natural Harmony Foods as an advisor and spokesperson.
A DIETICIAN will be leading shoppers down the aisles at two Sainsbury's stores in Coventry to let customers know what is good and bad for their hearts.
A number of vendors and guests will be on hand throughout the day, including a massage therapist, chiropractor, podiatrist, dietician, aerobics and line dancing instructors.
We strongly recommend that patients with PEM who suffer from significant chronic or nonhealing wounds consult with a dietician who can evaluate their nutritional needs," said Stasik, program director at the Mercy Wound Care Center in Scranton, Penn.