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Nutritionist A health professional with specialized training in diet and nutrition


, dietician (dī-ĕ-tĭsh′ăn) [Gr. diaita, way of living]
An individual whose training and experience are in the area of nutrition and who has the ability to apply that information to the dietary needs of the healthy and sick.

registered dietitian

Abbreviation: RD
A specialist in dietetics who has met the requirements for certification stipulated by the American Dietetic Association.


A person trained in DIETETICS.

Patient discussion about dietician

Q. Any dietitians here? Please tell me what are the different types of fatty acids available?

A. i'm not a dietitian either but i love reading about nutrition. so i can tell you that here are 2 families of essential fatty acids (fatty acids that our body cannot create by it's on).
here is the wikipedia entry about them :

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No one takes issue with the assertion that dieticians have a far higher level of professional qualification but to refer to nutritionists in such a dismissive and disparaging manner is simply crass.
Conflicted patients were just as likely to have been referred to a dietician as were nonconflicted patients, but were less likely to agree to see one.
The National Health Service employs the majority of dieticians.
The RFL has now confirmed that dietician Mike Sutherland had acted as a consultant to the Great Britain support staff but was released in April 2003 after an investigation into his qualifications.
Arnold said, but VA dieticians don't recommended so-called crash diets as a healthy way to lose weight or maintain weight loss.
Is anyone else as bemused, amused and frustrated by the contradiction between Dubai's well publicised need for highly trained dieticians and the fact unregulated, self-taught nutritionists and nutrition shops are everywhere.
A bachelor's degree in dietetics or a bachelor of science degree and a postgraduate diploma in dietetics, or a bachelor of science degree and a master's degree in dietetics, two years of clinical practice and a professional licence from the home country are required to be a registered clinical dietician.
City dieticians are organising a city centre treasure trail for walkers next week
Susan, 29, is chief dietician at the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust.
Others appointed to new roles at the Critical Care Systems' Atlanta-area branch who bring more than 50 years of combined experience include: Mary Welty, RPh, pharmacy manager; Bobbi Suponic, RN, nurse manager; Nicole Billingsly, reimbursement manager; Eleanor Brown, RN, account executive; and Jennifer Baker, RD, LD, CNSD, dietician.
Dietician says the effects of the lack of minerals and vitamins will surface later on
Byline: RUTH BREEZE, a community dietician for south Warwickshire, talks about the role of dieticians and how they are trained to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to food