dietary carbohydrates

dietary carbohydrates,

n the amount of simple and complex sugars consumed; the physical character of the diet. It may tend to produce or modify periodontal disease.
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Hepaxa increases the levels of these important fatty acids in the blood, which improves the livers ability to process excessive fat stored there while inhibiting the conversion of dietary carbohydrates into fat.
Walton and Cowey (1982) reported that the effective utilization of dietary carbohydrates in aquatic animals seems to be closely related to the capacity of their digestive and metabolic systems to adapt to different aquatic environments and different quantities and complexities of dietary carbohydrates.
A balanced diet for kids and teens includes dietary carbohydrates rather than drinks high in caffeine or artificial stimulants.
Their topics include introduction to dietary carbohydrates and the glycemic index, glycemic index and diabetes mellitus: evidence on prevention and management and implications for insulin resistance, whether it is possible to manipulate the dietary glycemic index to improve cognitive functioning, glycemic index and women's health: dietary glycemic index in managing polycystic ovary syndrome and during pregnancy, and creating food products with a lower glycemic index.
A "ketogenic" diet or a "very low carbohydrate diet" is the intake pattern with the fewest dietary carbohydrates consumed.
To cite one recent example, consider the following telling text from the conclusion section of a recent JAMA report on the subject of glycemie index: "In this 5-week controlled feeding study, diets with low glycemie index of dietary carbohydrates, compared with high glycemie index of dietary carbohydrates, did not result in improvements in insulin sensitivity, lipid levels, or systolic blood pressure.
However, feeding excessive dietary carbohydrates of fish may have harmful effects on growth, feed efficiency, physiological dysfunction, and fat deposition by stimulating lipogenic enzymes [28,29].
38) Cancer cells thrive on the glucose resulting from dietary carbohydrates, but are generally unable to use ketones as an energy source.
SAN DIEGO--In adults with obesity, lowering intake of dietary fat may lead to greater body fat loss than lowering intake of dietary carbohydrates, results from a small federally funded study showed.
Several previous studies have showed that incorporation of appropriate levels of dietary carbohydrates in fish feeds can improve their growth performance and provide an inexpensive non-nitrogenous energy source (Hemre and Hansen, 1998; Peragon et al.
In view of the ongoing (and increasing) obesity epidemic, the question of how healthy or harmful dietary carbohydrates can be has been a topic of much discussion among scientists.
The Glycaemic Index (GI) model was proposed by David Jenkins and colleagues in the 1980s as a means of assessing the quality of dietary carbohydrates and their variable influence on postprandial blood glucose response when compared to a standard amount (50g) of pure glucose.

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