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diet, Atkins, a dietary system developed by Robert Atkins, MD, that recommends eating high-protein foods that are dense in nutrients. Consuming certain nutritional supplements and refined or processed carbohydrates is discouraged.

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Q. Atkins diet I've tried this diet many times but always found difficulty to prolong it. Even when succeeded the weight came rushing back. Can someone please explain me how it works and pros and cons of it?

A. You can read about the controversy surrounding Atkins' diet here. In my opinion, you should switch from "going in" a temporary diet to changing your life style. If you diet for three months, and then return to your old habits (which are the ones that brought you to your weight), it's not surprising you gain the weight back. Our weight reflects, in many ways, our life style, so this should be the focus and not a temporary diet.

Good luck!

Q. what is the atkins diet? i hope i spelled it right ... :)

A. it's basicly a high protein-low carbohydrates diet. this is actually a genius idea of how to trick the body. the body can use the protein getting in as energy but it's much much less then carbo. and it actually works and you can loose weight. and here is the big but-
it's very unhealthy and there is no chance of keeping doing it for long and most people i saw doing it got their weight (+ interest). the body cannot store proteins so he breaks them up and change them. some of the materials that become in that process is unhealthy in large quantities (like urea).

Q. MY friend are starting the Atkins diet and want to know if what alcoholic drink we can have at gatherings.

A. The Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) phase of Atkins diet consists of an increase in carbohydrate intake, but remaining at levels where weight loss occurs. During this phase your are able to consume a certain amount of carbohydrate, including alcohol (even beer).

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