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An oral record of a patient's care created by a health care professional that is used by a medical transcriptionist to create a printed record.
[L. dicto, fr. dico, to say]
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Always striving for excellence and putting emphasis on outstanding quality, the company has designed groundbreaking products, such as the portable Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder, the Philips SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone and the Philips SpeechExec dictation recorder app for smartphones.
For more than 50 years, Speech Processing Solutions has been the driving force in delivering dictation and speech technologies to users around the world.
Here are the relevant themes that have been used for dictations from the website <http://www.
The average note cost was less for all partially dictated notes as compared to full dictations (Table B).
Bringing together ergonomic design, efficient functionality and system-integrated workflow management, it proves the most complete professional dictation package.
The Philips dictation recorder app is available for download from the iTunes store.
Philips and Nuance Healthcare answered the demand of many medical practices and clinics wanting to use the digital dictation workflow solution SpeechExec together with their Dragon Medical voice recognition system.
With more than four million dictation systems sold and over 50 years of experience, Grundig Business Systems GmbH (GBS) is one of the leading manufacturers of professional dictation systems.
We support a great many Philips products on our software including SpeechMikes for dictation and speech recognition, digital voice recorders, transcription headsets and foot pedals.
Dolbey's dictation workflow solutions include Fusion Voice for enterprise dictation management and Atom Dictation for dictation workgroups.
Developed in close cooperation with ergonomists and end users, the foot control enables transcriptionists to stop and start dictations with only a slight movement of the heel.