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Pattern formation in the vascular system of monocot and dicot plant species.
They have several points of action on the cell membrane, and are effective in the control of dicot plants.
There are, however, a very few species of dicotyledons whose pit membranes have both the dicot arrangement of microfibrils as well as a torus.
He added, "While corn is important in and of itself, these sequences and their functions, combined with the results of our previously completed sequencing projects and our ongoing functional genomics efforts, give our scientists a broad understanding of most of the active genes in both monocot and dicot plant species".
The modern New Zealand fern flora includes some 200 species in -60 genera, but, in contrast to dicot angiosperms, few ferns appear to have become extinct in New Zealand, perhaps because of its constantly mesic climate through the Cenozoic.
From the few documentations of the indigenous knowledge of medical plants in Jordan is the work of Al-Qura'n, [9] who documented some of the folk medicinal potentiality of wild dicot aquatic plants in Jordan.
Rubiaceae) shrubby false buttonweed is a perennial dicot native to the West Indies, but introduced into Florida and Texas as well as west tropical Africa, the tropical Americas and the south Pacific.
This is an important demonstration of the application of this technology to dicot crop genomes," adds Martienssen.
Xylem structure and water conduction in conifer trees, dicot trees, and lianas.
Coreopsis tinctoria (Asteraceae), Spergularia marina (Caryophyllaceae) and unidentified dicot and grass seedlings.
The second patent was issued in 1990 on dicot plants -- which include many of the fruit and vegetable plants.
The Cyperaceae-type of pollen development is known from only one other family, the dicot family Epacridaceae [=Ericaceae] (Brown & Lemmon, 2000).