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A new bipolar diathermy probe for the management of adult acute epistaxis.
Treatment procedure: A continuous shortwave diathermy current was generated by the Shortwave diathermy machine (Ultratherm 608, Made in Germany by Siemens) adopting the modified crossfire technique as described by Balogun and Okonofua.
Shortwave Diathermy is a clinical treatment modality that provides a superior form of deep tissue heating.
The most common tonsillectomy techniques employed at our hospitals are electrocautery with monopolar or bipolar diathermy, cold dissection, plasma-mediated radiofrequency-based ablation (Coblation), and ultrasonic dissection.
I personally think that the diathermy forceps bore a significant amount of responsibility for what happened to Elaine," he said.
Hemorrhoidectomies in 17 patients who received Ligasure diathermy took a median of 6 minutes to perform, compared with 11 minutes in 17 patients who received conventional diathermy.
An investigation into her death is continuing but a "causal factor" could have been the use of single-use diathermy forceps, which work by sealing wounds with heat, a health spokesman said.
The study concludes that the application of electromagnetic fields, configured to enhance Ca2+ binding in the growth factor cascades involved in tissue healing, achieved a marked increase of tensile strength at the repair site in this animal model when compared to bone growth stimulator or diathermy based PEMF signals which had no significant effects.
Diathermy capacitor and the induction Short-wave diathermy terapulse type of generator designed to work with both the induction electrodes and capacitor.
They can also be treated with cryosurgery, which uses cold to destroy tissue, or removed by diathermy loop excision.
While pulsed shortwave diathermy has been in use for more than 80 years using large, high-voltage, clinic-based machines and is routinely used in the United Kingdom in 11% of all physical therapy sessions," Whelan explained.