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The device is reminiscent of externally placed intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), even though IABP is a diastolic augmentation device primarily for coronary flow.
With aortic cannulation, the mean aortic pressure is preserved and diastolic augmentation is maintained (4).
This analysis concludes that LVD patients who obtain higher diastolic augmentation during EECP treatment receive better short and long-term cardiovascular related outcomes.
of the Department of Cardiology at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, presented the results of a study entitled, "Diabetic Patients Have a Good Response to EECP Despite Lower Diastolic Augmentation than Non-diabetics.
group and those in a European cohort, diastolic augmentation remained an independent predictor of clinical outcomes with EECP.
EECP resulted in diastolic augmentation of coronary artery pressure and flow, in addition to systolic unloading of the left ventricle.
A third abstract entitled, "Does optimal diastolic augmentation predict clinical benefit from enhanced external counterpulsation ?