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Stuart has scoliosis and kyphosis - curvature of the spine - and a split in the spinal column known as diastematomyelia.
Maximum number of patients are in the age group of 4049, of these patients 52 patient's MRI study is within normal limits; 142 patients have degenerative disc disease and 24 patients had infective pathology (infective discitis), 2 patients had secondary deposits in the vertebral bodies; 20 patients have other findings like bony canal stenosis, hemivertebrae, block vertebrae or diastematomyelia or perineural cysts.
Occult spinal dysraphism and spinal cord anomalies including syrinx, low-lying conus, diastematomyelia, spinal lipoma, and tethered cord are frequent [10].
3%) had spinal dysraphism, with 15 patients having spina bifida, 11 had tethered cord, 10 had a myelomeningocoele, 7 had a diastematomyelia, 6 had associated spinal lipomas, 3 had a dermal sinus tract, 2 had myelocoeles and 1 had an associated dermoid cyst.
Faun tail with aplasia cutis congenita and diastematomyelia.
Epidermoid tumors are often related to developmental anomalies, such as spina bifida, dermal sinus, meningomyelocele, and diastematomyelia.
This neoplasm is usually diagnosed in the first two decades of life and often (42 % cases) it is associated with spinal malformations like syringomyelia or spina bifida, myelomeningocele, diastematomyelia or tethered cord [5, 6].
diastematomyelia (a longitudinal split in the spinal cord, usually the result of an osseous or fibrous band that forms 2 hemicords)
Thirteen (52%) patients had diastematomyelia, with 08 (32%) having associated intraspinal lipomata while hydromyelia was noted in 07 (28%) patients.
Occult Spinal Dysraphism (Tethered Cord, Diastematomyelia and Spinal Lipoma).
This report alerts physiotherapists to possible variations in spinal pathology, in this case diastematomyelia and diplomyelia (Type I and Type 2 split cord malformations) which are rare spinal lesions.
After review, it was discovered that the patient had split cord malformation, also called diastematomyelia.