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L. S., U.S. researcher, b. 1920. See: Diamond TYM medium.


Diabetes Mondiale. An international epidemiologic study of type 1 diabetes in children conducted from 1990–1999, which assessed 31,000 children in 53 countries
Conclusion The range of global variation in the incidence of childhood type 1 diabetes is larger than previously described and appears to follow ethnic and racial distribution


n a crystalline carbon substance, the hardest natural substance known, used industrially and in dentistry for cutting and grinding.
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There, you see, wife," said the former, "this splendid diamond might all be ours, if we chose
Understanding the criminal use of diamonds and jewelry, recognizing the issues facing law enforcement, and seeking proactive countermeasures represent the first steps to finding a solution.
org in order to educate consumers on what the industry is doing to ensure that conflict diamonds are certifying every stone's war-free origin.
Shefsky is giddy when talking about the potential of the Festival property and its untold millions of ounces of commercial and gem-quality diamonds hidden beneath the 2.
A Swedish-English research group has now fabricated the purest diamonds ever made or found, hastening the prospect of a new class of rugged and more capable microchips made from diamond.
The arms dealers had their diamond experts, and Savimbi had his, and they would inspect the diamonds to see if they were really worth $22 million.
Traditionally, mining companies dig up diamonds from deep below Earth's surface.
MELBOURNE, Australia -- Legend International Holdings, Inc (OTCBB:LGDI) (a Delaware Corporation), a diamond exploration corporation with landholdings in the Northern Territory of Australia, provides an update on its diamond exploration activities.
Prospecting for diamonds is also taking place around New Liskeard, Cobalt, and Kirkland Lake, where small diamonds have been found.
The diamonds that buy the arms and supplies in such conflicts are almost entirely from Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Angola.
Can West Africa's artisanal diamonds ever be legitimized?
We have defined a huge area that has diamonds - a high frequency of diamonds - across roughly 600 metres in length and 75 metres wide.