diamond stone

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di·a·mond stone

(dīmŏnd stōn)
See: diamond cutting instruments.
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Abdul presented Barrino with a flawless diamond stone with the word "Flawless" etched into an accompanying tag, along with a gold nugget and diamond charm with the engraving, "No stone unturned to find the diamond in the rough.
Lacking a buffer, you can use a fine diamond stone on that back side, just be sure to leave the surface flat--don't induce a bevel or you'll dull the points of the serrations.
If someone attempts to replace the original Promise Diamond stone, the symbol would be damaged, thus letting the customer know that someone had tampered with the ring.
Over 50 diamond stones are encrusted throughout each shell, with a single helmet valued at $12,500USD.
Also taken was a box containing a set of silver earrings, a ring and necklace in a leaf shape with brown and diamond stones.
The woman said that she discovered later that the ring was inlaid with diamond stones of poorer quality than that she had ordered for.
As it's exposed to higher atmospheric pressure and temperatures, the soot solidifies into chunks of graphite and then diamond stones.