diamond particles

diamond particles,

n.pl the elements of a diamond polishing paste that are used to bring out the natural luster of porcelain surfaces.
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99 Beauty ed: This ultra-glam curler has actual diamond particles in the barrel, which claim to reduce heat damage and frizz.
I opted for a nude shade that includes diamond particles that boost the condition of your nails through its strengthening qualities.
The key development made by Carbodeon is to tune the surface chemistry of the diamond particles and mixing process to develop a nano-composite in which the diamond is very well interfaced to the polymer molecules.
BeautyLab's Black Diamond range is one example, with its products using rare black diamond particles that are designed to settle in wrinkles and subtly illuminate a blue glow that lessens the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration.
A: PCD is a synthesized, extremely tough, intergrown mass of randomly orientated diamond particles in a metal matrix.
Watch as powdered diamond particles are mixed into coating formulations to reinforce the nonstick properties with their durability, natural nonstick qualities, and heat conductivity.
spraying diamond particles into the atmosphere would carry as-of-yet unknown risks.
Whatever the cause, the result is a progressive degradation of the cutting edge by slowly beating away the diamond particles rather than wearing them away.
Again, it doesn't hurt EoAC" the diamond particles are very fine, and you won't actually feel much at all.
Dr Zhou added that the diamond particles are burned away in the process, but the discovery could lead to future research into how diamonds could be created more cheaply.
it trues the side of the blade; and it opens up the bond to expose the diamond particles.
Washington, August 19 (ANI): Scottish scientists have claimed that candle flames contain millions of tiny diamond particles.