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The property displayed by substances that have a small negative magnetic susceptibility, given by molecules in which all electrons are paired; an unpaired electron yields a magnetic movement, hence the molecule containing such exhibits paramagnetism.
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Such a process was exhibited in the treatment of ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, fluorescence, phosphorescence, thermionic emission, Cerenkov radiation, semiconductors, superconductors, and many other phenomena.
The diamagnetism of water (medium solution) and yeast, the liquid surface distinctly inclined under gradient magnetic fields, and the hydrostatic force in suspension was strengthened by the diamagnetic forces.
Chapters cover the basics of magnetism and magnetic materials including the definitions and units of measurement, experimental methods, ferromagnetism, diamagnetism and fine particles and thin films.
Such a strong diamagnetism, due to the expulsion of magnetic flux by a supercurrent, is a significant signal of the onset of superconductivity.