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A clock face or instrument resembling a clock face.
[L. dies, day]


a circular diagram with black lines radiating outward across a white background from the center, as is used in tests of astigmatism.


(dī′ăl) [L. dialis, daily, fr. dies, day]
A graduated circular face, similar to a clock face, on which some measurement is indicated by a pointer that moves as the entity being measured (pressure, temperature, or heat) changes.

astigmatic dial

A circular dial with black lines of uniform width drawn as if they were connecting opposing numbers on the face of a clock. It is used in testing for astigmatism.
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After closely examining the dial and observing that it was nearly twelve o'clock, I opened it at the back and was interested to observe an inner case of ivory, upon which was painted a miniature portrait in that exquisite and delicate manner which was in vogue during the eighteenth century.
I think you said," I began, with assumed carelessness, "that after eleven the sight of the dial no longer affects you.
An ear-splitting report accompanied the crash, a white cloud lifted from the fallen clock, and I saw a revolver smoking in a vice screwed below the dial, an arrangement of wires sprouting from the dial itself, and the single hand at once at its zenith and in contact with these.
The little hands upon the dials that registered my speed raced round faster and faster.
The award is named for Casely, who invented Dial Soap, the first deodorant soap, in 1948.
The main dial consists of 36 brass studs placed on a circle which if filled would contain 56 studs.
Hence Image of the Tiger, the book on Dial published alongside the recent exhibitions, mixes savor with the problematic: how can the instruments of Western art history deal with a person working beyond the West yet within the West, and despite it?
For the most effective results, it is important to use a hand soap such as Dial Complete([R])Antibacterial Hand Wash.
The dial modem market is alive and continues to grow thanks to new open standard technology advancements such as V.
Additional information regarding the consent solicitation may be obtained from Dial Page's soliciting agent, Alex.
Fun Dial (called "Fun Call" by GLOBUL) is a personalization tool that enables GLOBUL subscribers to replace the standard ringing tone that callers hear while waiting for the phone to be answered with a rich selection of music.
Customers in some 617 exchanges today can dial some toll calls using only seven digits.