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The process of converting sediment to rock.
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It should be pointed out that the diagenetically altered conodont apatitic matter resembles rather enamel/enameloid than other types of phosphatic tissues (Nemliher et al.
Thus, we interpret the two phases of apatite as OH-containing primary shell material that may be slightly altered diagenetically (Phase 1) and secondary, recrystallized and precipitated carbonate-fluorapatite (Phase 2).
3) is within that range, but the low yield, high C/N ratio and high [Delta]13C value for Burial 9 suggest that this individual may have been diagenetically altered and it is, therefore, excluded from the analysis.
iii) the leached zone where nahcolite has been diagenetically removed with the suggested consequence of increased intergranular permeability, and
for the diagenetically altered corals reported by Chappell & Polach (1972); about 45,000 for the organic clays at Lake Eyre [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED]; and about 50,000 b.
A little younger remagnetization was found in diagenetically altered rocks of Kurevere by palaeomagnetic and mineralogical studies.