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The process of converting sediment to rock.
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In the succession of mineral formation, the C-rich particles preceded apatite coatings without and with fine-grained pyrite impregnation and the late-impact diagenetic carbonate cement (calcite with dolomite admixture), which covered all these structures.
These shells were buried in organic-rich sediments for significant periods of time: as a result, diagenetic cementing occurs (dissolution and reprecipitation) on the surfaces exposed to the corrosive sediments.
Horizontal grazing traces are marked by a distinct increase in grain size within each trace, and are highlighted by orange-colored diagenetic products, presumably iron oxides and/or oxyhydr-oxides, which mark the boundaries of the traces.
The Estonian part of the Baltic Devonian basin is unique as here the alternating carbonate, siliciclastic, and mixed carbonate-siliciclastic rocks have been influenced by subsequent diagenetic dolomitization episodes during which a number of minerals (feldspar, pyrite, goethite, gypsum) were formed.
Bone apatite is also more sensitive to diagenetic alteration, which may cause further differences in isotopic results.
Diagenetic changes at the nanometre scale can be seen in corals from the Norian, indicating that one must exercise caution when interpreting isotopic data in the fossils.
Students and researchers in a variety of ecological and biological fields will also benefit from exposure to such cutting-edge methods as dynamic diagenetic modeling.
Here carbonate shell/test material would be well preserved (although later diagenetic replacement or alteration could occur), soft tissue of invertebrates would be retained, and plant tissue would show no decay.
The role of organic matter in the geosphere is difficult to access isotopically as it results from a complex mixture of source organisms, biosynthetic pathways, and diagenetic transformations.