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The process of converting sediment to rock.
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No visible enrichment in MREEs indicated good geochemical preservation of bioapatite, with major REE uptake during the 'early' or 'weak' diagenesis likely via adsorption, with no pronounced fractionated REE incorporation during later stages of diagenesis.
Although a better understanding of the compound-specific effects of diagenesis is required for accurate interpretation of data from fossil samples and is beyond the scope of this study, the data presented here validate the overall usefulness of this archive.
As a result, not only changes in the properties of peat humic substances should be understood, but also the molecular descriptors of organic matter diagenesis should be identified.
Post-depositional diagenesis can add textural maturation to multi-cycled sands or can independently form pure quartz arenites (Dott, 2003).
The typically independent and isolated methods of diagenesis and sequence stratigraphy, when integrated, can serve as a powerful tool for the understanding and prediction of the distribution of diagenetic alterations of depositional porosity and permeability and of their impact on reservoir quality distribution and evolution for those working in the fields of sedimentary petrology, sequence stratigraphy, and petroleum geology.
It is stressed that a major factor influencing the diagenesis of peat organic matter properties is the character of the humification process, as the composition of peat humic acids is little affected by differences in the composition of precursor living organic material.
The maps and information within these publications cover subject areas such as petrography, diagenesis and sequence stratigraphy, all of which provide vital insights to geoscientists working in exploration.
The geochemical patterns that were observed in these cores were nearly identical to the pattern seen prior to the Marinoan glaciation, which suggests that the alteration of rocks by water, a process known as diagenesis, is the source of the changes seen during that time period.
Although it was initially proposed that the antigenicity of ancient proteins may be altered by diagenesis, further investigations have shown that ancient immunoglobulins can persist across geologic times (7).
in press) suggest that the particular value of the Mount Cap lies in a combination of favourable early diagenesis and quiescent post-depositional history.
We infer that processes active in the complex reduce sediment accumulation in several ways: 1) by expulsion of gas/fluids, growth and decay of methane hydrate deposits, and fault motion, all of which can re-suspend sediment that could drift from the area in suspension or as dilute turbidity flows on the seafloor; and 2) sediment thinning due to chemical transformation of solids into solutes and gases or into more dense solids (hardgrounds) through diagenesis.