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Ultimately, given that there are very few words in the poem which permit a straightforward reading when examined diachronically, it is difficult not to conclude that Hardy was indeed encouraging his readers to look beyond the "neutral tones" of the poem's surface and into its more colorful depths.
30-33) into six diachronically organized groups; issues of attribution; the production and paratexts/illumination of the books; and identification of copyists present.
Although our findings point to a very narrow research agenda overall, diachronically speaking, the latter years within the time span covered by our study have displayed a noticeable pattern of more variations in the topical foci of their publications.
In the wider African context, the Rastafari Ital livity provides a platform from which several paradigms in the religious and secular contexts can be merged to operate diachronically and synchronically in the preservation of the environment.
During my stay in Paris I came to understand what Hellenism really was, diachronically, in its movement through history, before it was nationalized: a utopia (a compound Greek word meaning, literally, "no place").
The five chapters that form Crafting the Female Subject are organized diachronically, and each one of them engages its object of study from different theoretical frames.
Such work could contribute to a clarification not only of how every system was constructed and how it works in certain social spaces, and the generation of world views within the community itself, but also how their agents observe and relate to others, synchronically and diachronically.
Diachronically, it galvanizes and participates in the struggle against colonialism and its pretensions as a humane system which humanizes and genuinely caters for the needs of the colonized.
Diachronically, indefinite pronouns and their functions are extremely unstable, and thus they are very different even in languages closely related to each other (Haspelmath 1997 : 16).
The structuring is primarily conducted according to the territorial distribution of the language and diachronically in accordance with the thesis that the Middle Chinese language is a common point of origin for varieties of modern Chinese.
From the very first moment, we told the government that it was unrealistic and punishing for the public to impose the fines for the emissions, for which the state and government are diachronically to blame, on to paying consumers," Committee Chairman Lefteris Christoforou of DISY said after the meeting.
It is argued that at the beginning, it does not precisely formulate how the psychological states of individuals are diachronically related.