diabetes, type 2

diabetes, type 2

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, see there, aka non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, adult-onset diabetes mellitus, insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus.

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Q. Type 2 Diabetics solution My uncle is suffering from type 2 diabetics and i want to know that is there any permanent solution for type 2 diabities. Very worried about weight loss too. Any one there to give us a permanent solution?

A. Type 2 diabetes is due to improper use of insulin or insulin resistance.

There is a web site given below which provides information on alternative medicines for diabetes. Alternative medicines - ayurveda herbs, homeopathy, yoga and acupressure treatments.

Q. Women with diabetes are in general found with type 1 or with type 2 diabetes during pregnancy and why?

A. Women develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy and after pregnancy the gestational diabetes goes, if not this gestational diabetes has chances to develop into type 2 diabetes. A pregnant woman can also have type 1 and 2 diabetes equally and during pregnancy she may get gestational diabetes.

Q. Is Diabetes type 2 a chronic disease? I have been diagnosed with Diabetes; does this mean I will always have it from now on?

A. I was a type 2 diabetic for 15 years. I had a gastric bypass, lost a ton of weight and no longer test as a diabetic. But, my doctors say "once a diabetic, always a diabetic." So the tendency is still there and must be addressed always. My problem is not evident but now I have kidney disease and it is attributed to diabetes with complications. Eat right, get exercise and lose weight. I hope you educe your numbers so you won't risk the complications. This is your best goal for now. Diabetes is being constantly researched, so the future looks bright and maybe a cure is on the horizon! Blessings!

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Of the two most common forms of diabetes, type 2 typically affects adults who can still produce insulin, but whose bodies cannot use the hormone to regulate blood sugar.
Elaborating, Dr Taniwallova told Khaleej Times that there are three major types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.
The most common type of diabetes, Type 2, is mainly associated with obesity.
The most common form of diabetes, type 2 affects nine out of ten diabetics and tends to occur later in life although there have been cases of it occurring in children.
Formerly called non-insulin-dependent diabetes, type 2 is normally associated with older age, but it is being seen increasingly in overweight children as well.
Of the two types of diabetes, type 2 diabetes accounts for 85 to 95 percent of all cases worldwide.
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Formerly called non-insulin-dependent diabetes, type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, affecting about 15 million Americans.
dLife's website provides more than 78,000 pages of information and resources on all aspects of the diabetes lifestyle, offering information and community support for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and caregivers.

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