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pancha (pänˑ·ch),

n in Sanskrit, five.
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A kurta and Western jacket over a dhoti became a common sight on Hindu men, who teamed these first Indo-Western ensembles with black socks and shoes.
CHARISMA Gandhi, played by Ben Kingsley 'who seemed to have worn a dhoti all his life' and, below right, Richard Burton
there in the shaded and sheer saris and the corset blouses, this time we have also added offshoulder tops, ponchos, capes, straight dhoti pants, short capri trousers and wide Pakistani trousers with tunics.
The officials were convinced of my innocence and let me go wearing dhoti," the MLA added.
New Delhi [India], August 12 ( ANI ): Putting on his signature cream dhoti, Mahatma Gandhi marched his way to getting Independence for India in 1947.
The range of dresses, tops and skirts for women were in a colour palette of black, white and pale blue and dhoti pants for men.
When Alok Nath decides to get modern, he wears a dhoti with Zip"
In India today several Indian politicians can be seen wearing dhoti in different styles.
An exciting combination of style and comfort, these stitched dhotis come ready to wear with a smart drape while those looking for a traditional unstitched dhoti can pick from traditional pure cotton unstitched dhotis accentuated with vibrant jacquard borders.
Kumar is one of the few ministers in Bihar who loves to wear a dhoti along with kurta.
Tenders are invited for Gram panchayat dhoti, under the panchayat samiti, sangod, material supply in mahatma gandhi nrega and other schemes in financial year 2017-18
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 16 (ANI): Amid reports of a dhoti-clad man allegedly denied entry into a mall in Kolkata, the Congress Party on Sunday while condemning the same said Bengal and Dhoti are synonymous to each other.