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adj/comb the prefix designating that an aqueous solution of a substance rotates the plane of polarized light to the right. See also isomers, optical.

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Q. Is it right and helpful. My friend who is having his own pharmacy told me once that the tablet like aspirin which is one among the counter medication is good for fibromyalgia. Is he right and helpful?

A. I don’t like to comment whether he is right or wrong because the effectiveness will vary from individual to individual. A large percentage of fibromyalgia patients use over the counter drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen to alleviate their symptoms and relieve pain. And certainly a larger percentage of individuals with fibromyalgia who have not been properly diagnosed with FMS use these sorts of non-prescription medication. In some cases, fibromyalgia sufferers may rely heavily on OTC meds simply because their treating physician either does not understand their condition, or is reluctant to prescribe stronger analgesics. However, even for those who are able to use over the counter medications, their effectiveness will vary tremendously from individual to individual.

Q. Don’t I have the rights to take alcohol? Don’t I have the rights to take alcohol? You people are not letting me to consume peacefully. Why do you count alcohol as a drug?

A. abrham;;everyone on imedix care about the problems that we here about?--you have the right to do whatever you want,BUT,somethings are bad for your health,it might not seem that way now,because you are still young,but for me i spent 25yrs in the medical field,an has seen first hand what alcohol can do to you and your family,--I LIVED WITH AN ALCOHOLIC(my father)for 22yrs,it has affected me allmy life,i have lost friends when in high school,because of young people drinking and driving--i spent half my life trying to keep people alive,---you can become an alcoholic sooner than you think,and that is when your life WILL CHANGE.Ihope this doesnt happen to you--please thing about what i have said-----mrfoot56---peace

Q. I want to know if i am online right now or no? I can see people who are online. How can i know i am online or no? and secondly how to edit and put details

A. You can easily see whether you are online or not in your profile page (just click on the My Stuff tab):

- To change your status go to Account Settings which is under the My Stuff tab:

- To edit your profile go to Edit Profile which is also under the My Stuff tab:

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Amphetamines contain an optically active molecule that exists in dextro (d) or levo (l) forms.
In addition, each kit contains a packet of Kleenex UltraSoft facial tissues, a packet of Wrigley's Airwaves Chewing Gum for easy breathing, a stick of Nivea Lip Repair to limit chapped lips, a sachet of Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Treatment Lotion to reduce skin drying out, a packet of Dextro Energy Tablets to help boost energy levels, and sachets of Twinings lemon and ginger herbal infusion.
Dextromethorphan (DM), the dextro isomer of the codeine analog of leborphanol, is a cough suppressant ingredient in more than 75 preparations sold over the counter (OTC) without prescription.
USM EVENTS manages over 50 events in Australia including Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival, Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival, Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Sydney, and Melbourne Run for the Kids, among others.
The Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU (International Triathlon Union) World Championship Series takes place in Hyde Park today and tomorrow and to mark this exciting spectacle, a special triathlon-themed event will take place over two days at The Hayes between 10am and 4pm, while the BBC Big Screen will show live coverage from the main event.
3 World Champion Jodie Swallow, from Brentwood Essex, former World Champion Tim Don and the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Kitzbuhel winner Stuart Hayes.
TRIATHLON: Helen Jenkins finished fourth at the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series in Kitzbuhel.
ALISTAIR Brownlee claimed his third win in the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series with victory in Kitzbuhel, Austria, yesterday.
The debut full-length album from Dextro - aka Ewan Mackenzie, from Glasgow - is a dizzying affair.
Dextromethorphan (DM), the dextro insomer of the codeine analog of leborphanol, is a cough suppressant ingredient in more than 75 preparations sold over the counter (OTC) without prescription.
During January, Ortivus and its Spanish partner Dextro Medica entered into an agreement to supply the organization Baleares 061 with MobiMed for a total of 50 ambulances.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Ambroxol Plus Dextro Methorphan Plus Cetirizine Plus Pseudoephedrin Plus Menthol Syp.