dextran sulfate

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dex·tran sul·fate

the sodium salt of sulfuric acid esters of the polysaccharide dextran; it contains not less than 10 units per mg and not less than 14% of sulfate; an anticoagulant.

dextran sulfate

A high-molecular weight, branched-chain polysaccharide polymer of d-glucose that is permeable to water and forms a viscid gelatinous material; it is synthesised commercially or naturally by glycosyl transferases on the surface of certain bacteria, and had been claimed to have anti-HIV activity (by inhibiting HIV-1 and HIV-2 binding to CD4+ cells). Therapeutic trials  showed no such efficacy.


a water-soluble polysaccharide of glucose (dextrose) produced by the action of Leuconostoc mesenteroides on sucrose; used as a plasma volume extender. Several preparations of dextran are used as anticoagulants.

dextran 40
used as an adjuvant in blood transfusion, an anticoagulant.
dextran sulfate
used as an anticoagulant and recently investigated for its antiviral activity.
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