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Ethnomedicine A ‘spirit’ or ‘devil’ that may afflict Ethiopians, which is said to speak through its host’s mouth and cause him/her to behave unusually
Vox populi Beelzebub, The Devil, Lucifer The embodiment of evil that traditionally refers to a 'fallen' angel in the Judeo-Christian construct, or a Jinn in the Islamic construct
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This means that if the facial disease causes the Tasmanian devil to go extinct in the wild, captive devils like Oddity can be released back into disease-free areas of Tasmania, giving devils a chance to thrive.
The Devil & Demon Strategy is a brand new way of thinking at a time when content creation needs to manage and leverage big data files, such as 4K," said Ted Schilowitz, president of The Devil & Demon Strategy.
But a devil can't tell another devil's cells from its own.
The study reveals more details about the genetic diversity of current Tasmanian devil populations.
Captive insurance populations of devils exist in interstate zoos and on mainland Tasmania, but the devils on Maria Island will be the first to be released into the wild.
The vast majority of English men and women understood their lives and the world around them based on their experience of the devil and demonic temptation.
The Devil Rays players and coaches were caring and compassionate to all the patients they visited.
Tasmanian devils are found only on the Australian island of Tasmania.
The devil tells Jesus to throw himself down from the pinnacle of the temple, assuring Jesus that God will protect him.
Dendle begins the introductory chapter by professing his interest in the devil as ontological symbol in the mythological struggle with God, which the saint, as emissary of God, fights by encountering demons as emissaries from the Satan bound in hell (3).
While the devil has often threatened him, he has never harmed him, even though he has been involved in hundreds of cases of demonic possession.
brought together former aviators from the VMFA-232 Red Devils for the unveiling of a restored FJ-4 Fury.