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Perhaps the assumption that has had the most influence on the assessment and treatment of adolescents who offend sexually is the notion that they can all be characterized by deviant sexual interests: i.
5% Deviant Dale's gets four hop additions during the brewing process, followed by what Oskar Blues calls "a final wallop of excessive Columbus dry-hopping.
There has been a related revival of the debate on whether the " celibacy" imposed on Catholic priests is responsible for such deviant sexual behaviour.
Quintessentially English and proud of it, Deviant UK are masterminded by singer/songwriter Jay Smith.
The availability of such knowledge, along with the development of new pharmaceutical treatment options, opens up new legal and ethical questions regarding how to chemically treat sexual criminality and how we, as a society, should reflect upon the use of chemicals in the treatment for other forms of deviant behaviour.
Bretz, David Blackford, and Chris Luu, has partnered with established independent feature film production company Deviant Films (The Last Word, Big Stan, Dead Birds, London, Dirty).
Soon Eternal and Deviant are at war; one hundred Eternals vs.
He stated that the Church has to say "'no' to deviant forms of love" including legal recognition to unwed heterosexual couples.
When, as in this work, excellence reflects performance outside two standard deviations of the mean, it is by definition a reflection of deviant behavior.
He was basically an intelligent man with a deviant criminal mind his family did not know about.
Deviant nurses and improper patient care; a study of failure in the medical profession.