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This information appears informative for those students who seek academic positions, yet neglects the developmental tasks and concerns of those who seek entry-level counseling positions.
For example, a special issue of the Journal of Youth and Adolescence (October, 1995) linked media selection and interpretation with developmental tasks, such as socialization, self-representation, and information seeking regarding developmental issues, especially sex.
Numerous psychologists and sociologists have suggested that individuals progress through distinct career stages, where each career stage is characterized by unique career concerns, psychological needs, and developmental tasks (Arthur, Hall, & Lawrence, 1989; Brown & Brooks, 1996; Vondracek, Lerner, & Schulenberg, 1986).
Table 3 Test for between-group differences in the perceived attainment of developmental tasks (mean score; SD in parentheses).
It is recommended that career planning programs, in general, along with career advisers and counselors, consider adapting or developing interventions that can better address the developmental tasks of these students, particularly as they relate to the crystallization and specification of their career choice.
Peterson (2003) presented a multifaceted affective curriculum for gifted adolescents, including weekly small-group discussion focusing on developmental tasks, guest lectures by community professionals on developmental concerns, and regularly encouraging self-reflection after special program and academic activities.
In transformational work, we regress the client to the developmental stages where the trauma exists and/or where the developmental tasks were derailed.
To explain how infants deal with such conflicts or developmental tasks, Winnicott (195 1) offered the concepts of transitional objects and transitional phenomena.
She provided information on family structure, process, and patterns on interactions; intergenerational influences on career choice; and family life cycle developmental tasks and their relevance to career choices.
School counselors can increase teachers' understanding of depression by providing them with information about risk factors, developmental tasks and challenges, normative and non-normative life occurrences, and internal and external resources involved in the development of depression (Rice & Leffert, 1997).
It is, in other words, the twin developmental tasks of separation and attachment (i.
Erikson, 1963) and developmental tasks (Havighurst, 1972).

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