developmental quotient

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developmental quotient (DQ)

the numeric expression of a child's developmental level as measured by dividing the developmental age by the chronological age and multiplying by 100. Compare intelligence quotient. See also developmental age.
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They had Denver developmental quotients of approximately 50.
Additionally, we took the total Developmental Quotient on the Brunet-Lezine psychomotor development test at 12-months-old from each child's clinical history.
As for the BASC, 15 simple linear regression analyses were done taking total Developmental Quotient on the Brunet-Lezine psychomotor test at 12 months of age as the predictor, and the subtests of the BASC as dependent variables.
The subgroup with 'result on the Practical Reasoning scale' tended to score marginally better than the total sample (general developmental quotient 64 compared to 60 in the total sample) (Fig.
The results are given in developmental age and are transformed into developmental quotients (DQ) with a mean of 100.
For all test results raw scores were transformed into developmental quotients (DQ) in the standard manner.
The final outcome in the cases at 4th visit was the mean mental developmental quotient of 81.
Delay was taken as developmental quotient below 70 and it was calculated using developmental delay scale for Indian infants(DASII).
Among the cases the motor and developmental quotient also varies with the stages of HIE as assessed in the final visit.
These scores are developmental quotients with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10.

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