developmental milestones

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de·vel·op·men·tal mile·stones

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl mīl'stōnz)
The stages in the neuromuscular, mental, or social maturation of an infant or young child, generally marked by the attainment of a capacity or skill, such as rolling over, sitting with good head control, smiling spontaneously, laughing, and following moving objects with the eyes; most of these occur by the age of 2-4 months in the normal infant.
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ZOOM+Kids includes a 24/7 parent partner hotline for medical care and parent coaching; the new ZOOM+Kids Discovery Center where parents can experience the developmental milestones of their kids; ZOOM+Kids Satellites where parents can see ZOOM+ pediatricians at neighborhood clinics; and kid-friendly versions of ZOOM+Super, ZOOM+Specialists and ZOOM+Smile.
This generous grant will help us to assist children with special needs so that they can achieve key developmental milestones.
Fayeza Nasir, a consultant family physician and acting quality director at Ambulatory Healthcare Services, decided to help parents track children's developmental milestones.
These skills are known as developmental milestones.
For most other major developmental milestones, an extensive body of research exists to help guide parents and pediatricians through those early years of life, but that has not been the case with potty training--one of the most fraught challenges all parents face.
e time lapse images obtained can also provide unprecedented detail of early embryonic development to pinpoint precise timings when key developmental milestones occur.
The signs typically develop gradually, but some children with autism will reach their developmental milestones at a normal pace and then regress.
VTech delivers an expansive selection of toys that are appropriate for their child s particular age and stage and to accompany them as they continue to grow and reach new developmental milestones.
92% of children fully meet the standards of the World Health Organization's developmental milestones.
The broadcast alludes to that research from the University of Florida as part of a larger examination of just some of the developmental milestones a baby experiences while she or he is "hanging out in Hotel Uterus," to quote Guthrie.
NIEHS Health Scientist Administrator Kimberly Gray said that the research focused on lower blood lead levels than most other studies and adds more evidence that there is no safe lead level and it is important to continue to study lead exposure in children around the world, and to fully understand short-term and long-term behavioral changes across developmental milestones.
com Almondella Baby Gift Boxes THIS range of 36 beautifully-wrapped home-delivered baby gift boxes contains up to five products per box, ranging from toys and clothing to health items and books, put together to take mums through all baby's developmental milestones, such as potty training and feeding.

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