developmental biology

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Science of the origin and development of the organism from fertilization of the oocyte to the end of the eighth week. Usually used to include all stages of prenatal life.
[embryo- + G. logos, study]

developmental biology,

n the study of life processes occurring during growth and maturation.
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determine where and when genes and their products become active using developmental biology based technologies to look at expression patterns in the embryo.
Scott, president-elect of the Society for Developmental Biology.
He has since become one of the foremost experts Co along with Stanford's Matthew Scott, PhD, professor of developmental biology Co in understanding how the Hedgehog protein signals cells during the fetal development of such animals as flies, mice and humans.
But then, neither did anyone else until an experiment in developmental biology went awry.
The successful candidate will be a senior level scientist with a demonstrated record of research accomplishments in cellular and developmental biology, stem cells, or related field and demonstrated programmatic and administrative leadership experience.
The long, tail-like axons of nerve cells in the eye's retina plug into the correct sockets in developing animal's optic tectum -- the brain region that coordinates visual stimuli -- by seeking out the lowest concentration of a chemical named "repulsive guiding molecule" (RGM), asserts Friedrich Bonhoeffer of the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tubingen, Germany.
Longaker said each trainee will have a mentor and co-mentor in different fields (for instance, a mentor in developmental biology and a co-mentor in law), and PhD students will be immersed in a clinical program within their research area.
Two reports published this week question a dominant tenet of developmental biology -- that a relative of vitamin A serves as a master control chemical that prompts the formation of such disparate anatomical structures as fingers, legs and toes.
This enabling technology is facilitating research in cardiac and vascular disease, cancer, stem cell research and developmental biology.
The Advanced Microscopy and Digital Imaging Workshop is offered by UC - Santa Barbara's Departments of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Neuroscience Research Institute and Purdue University.
Gold's stellar experience and many achievements in molecular, cellular and developmental biology will be an outstanding addition to Lifeline's Scientific Advisory Board.

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