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The results of the analysis showed that the risk of experiencing a clinically important deterioration was significantly lower for patients on UMEC/VI 62.
We designed a study to correlate the serum concentrations of S-100B with postcraniotomy neurologic deterioration in patients undergoing meningioma resection.
Loans not accruing interest are defined for regulatory reporting purposes as "loans and lease financing receivables that are required to be reported on a non-accrual basis because (a) they are maintained on a cash basis due to a deterioration in the financial position of the borrower, (b) payment in full of interest or principal is not expected, or (c) principal or interest has been in default for ninety days or longer, unless the obligation is both well-secured and in the process of collection.
Results of the multivariate analyses indicated that women with a history of depression were significantly more likely than other women to report pill-related premenstrual mood deterioration (odds ratio, 2.
It compared the value and useful life of the property before the deterioration and after the remediation as opposed to comparing the property's value and useful life after the deterioration and remediation.
The only deterioration we noticed was in the players' makeup.
Recently, Shashoua also finished analyzing the PVC deterioration in one of the high-tech marvels of the 20th century: Apollo era spacesuits, 12 of which made it to the moon.
My motto is our life is what we make of it,'' said Duncan, who lost her right foot in 1987, then her right leg below the knee, and finally half of her left foot because of bone deterioration and phlebitis.
In the case of reinforced concrete construction, there are several factors that lead to the deterioration of the concrete material.
Although industry volume growth has slowed in the past six months, Fitch believes that secular changes in the railroad industry, along with CSX's stronger operating performance, will allow the company to avoid deterioration in its financial profile even if near-term U.
Heavy daily doses of a leading over-the-counter drug for arthritis can dramatically retard the progressive and ultimately lethal lung deterioration that characterizes cystic fibrosis, a new study finds.
Their approach was to survey, pinpoint and restore all areas with varying degrees of deterioration before the problems become more costly or impossible to solve.