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n restraint; custody; confinement.
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On July 1 st , more than 60 Palestinian administrative detainees held in Israeli prisons started boycotting Israel's military courts in a protest of this administrative detention policy as well as the fake trials they go through, writes the Alternative Information Centre (AIC).
The Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies said on Friday that dozens of detainees have been transferred to administrative detention over the past three weeks, while the detention of 70 other prisoners has been extended, Ma'an reported.
Like other systems of administrative detention, detentions under the PSA are notorious for facilitating other human rights violations, including incommunicado and illegal detention and torture and other forms of ill-treatment.
The school texted parents during the Easter break saying that children would receive a detention if they failed to bring: ?
The call came as the United States military is hosting the media and some nongovernmental organizations today at its recently constructed but empty detention facility in the central Parwan province.
Article 36 of the Vienna Convention generally requires that law enforcement officials inform arrested or detained foreign nationals, without delay, of their entitlement to have their consulate notified of the detention.
It also "grossly violated basic separation of powers principles by denying the judiciary any opportunity to review thousands of detentions," the center writes in its book on impeachment.
Mark's story seemed to me significant because he stood at the intersection of several different enforcement trends that were converging in detention prisons.
Bush, involved a group of prisoners purportedly captured fighting for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and held in a detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Rumsfeld case regarding the detention of an American citizen as an "enemy combatant," along with its sister cases, is being hailed positively as the most significant civil liberties opinion in a half century.
it] consist[ing] of previous administrative detentions and other forms of imprisonment without charge or trial.
And for tanker owners, a high profile port state detention could adversely affect that vessel's future in the market.