detachable balloon

de·tach·a·ble bal·loon

a small balloon, attached to the tip of a catheter, which can be released to occlude a vessel.
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Interventional radiologic techniques with trans-arterially deployed detachable balloon embolization and maintenance of patent ICA is the gold standard in managing traumatic CCF (Close hole, keep artery open), but in some cases carotid sacrifice may be needed to occlude the fistula.
Occlusion of direct CCFs with a detachable balloon is widely preferred.
8,9 Our study found that six cases of CCF had been successfully treated with transcatheter detachable balloon occlusion.
Use of a detachable balloon would have been better suited in this case, owing to the tortuosity of the dysplastic right vertebral artery allowing better passage of the delivery system; however, detachable balloons were not available at our institution at the time of this procedure.
4) Similarly, other authors have described balloon test occlusion followed by detachable balloon embolization or vessel ligation for these patients.
There are a variety of surgical methods of repairing cerebral aneurysms, including surgical clipping and detachable balloon obliteration.
In one of these patients the detachable balloon deflated after 2 hours of deployment and another session of embolization was immediately carried out by deploying a larger sized balloon.
Percutaneous LIMA graft occlusion can be achieved antegradely using coils, detachable balloons and vascular plug devices or the LIMA graft can be occluded retrogradely by deploying a covered stent in the cardiac vein at the site of the LIMA anastomosis.
1,2,5) Transcatheter embolotherapy with stainless steel coils or detachable balloons is most commonly performed.
In the past, endovascular occlusion using detachable balloons was a common treatment for this condition.