desmoplastic medulloblastoma

des·mo·plas·tic me·dul·lo·blas·to·ma

subtype of medulloblastoma with a biphasic pattern of compact sheets of undifferentiated cells alternating with islands of more loosely cohesive cells, generally occurs in adolescence and young adults and has a better prognosis than the usual medulloblastoma.
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Outcome and prognostic factors of desmoplastic medulloblastoma treated within a multidisciplinary treatment concept.
17-26] This is best exemplified in the reticulin-free "pale islands" of desmoplastic medulloblastomas, in which robust and widespread [Beta]III immunoreactivity, in conjunction with immunostaining for other neuronal markers such as synaptophysin, is an expression of neuronal differentiation and is accompanied by a low growth potential.