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A legal process by which a hospital is formally designated to provide a specialized service. Usually requires meeting set standards and an external review (e.g., trauma center).
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A deep silence settled over the assembly, accompanied by stifled laughter at the preposterous names and all the bourgeois designations which each of these personages transmitted with imperturbable gravity to the usher, who then tossed names and titles pell-mell and mutilated to the crowd below.
For a time he passed room after room filled with the cunningly preserved dead of Manator, many of which were piled in tiers after the manner that firewood is corded, and as he moved through corridor and chamber he noticed hieroglyphics painted upon the walls above every opening and at each fork or crossing of corridors, until by observation he reached the conclusion that these indicated the designations of passageways, so that one who understood them might travel quickly and surely through the pits; but Turan did not understand them.
Yet, he knew so little about the inmates that he gave them names of his own invention: as 'Miss Elizabeth', 'Master George', 'Aunt Jane', 'Uncle Parker '--having no authority whatever for any such designations, but particularly the last--to which, as a natural consequence, he stuck with great obstinacy.
THE PERSONAL FINANCIAL specialist (PFS) designation has been awarded to nearly 800 CPAs by the American Institute of CPAs.
Those wishing to pursue the specialist designations can visit www.
During the second quarter of 2015, the Appraisal Institute conferred 200 designations to 198 members, including 107 MAI designations, 26 SRA designations, 51 AI-GRS designations and 16 AI-RRS designations.
The designation, an American flag with the word Veteran beneath it, will appear on the front of the license or identification card.
The CCIM designation is awarded to commercial real estate professionals upon successful completion of a graduate-level education curriculum and presentation of a portfolio of qualifying industry experience.
Fish and Wildlife Service to expand its designation of ``critical'' toad habitat, which was cut from 478,000 acres proposed in 2000 to 11,695 acres designated in April.
This process is considered vital for the credibility of the CRM designation because of the constantly changing professional challenges that records managers face.
The EMEA grants orphan drug designation to medicinal products based upon several criteria: the life-threatening and debilitating nature of the condition; the medical plausibility of the proposed orphan indication; a prevalence in Europe of less than 5 cases for each 10,000 of population; and the lack of a satisfactory method of diagnosis, prevention or treatment or, if such method exists, the medicinal product will be of significant benefit to those affected by that condition.