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(des'i-kā'tŏr, tōr),
1. Synonym(s): desiccant (2)
2. An apparatus, such as a glass chamber containing calcium chloride, sulfuric acid, or other drying agent, in which a material is placed for drying.
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The Greenburner is 100% organically acceptable, both as a desiccator and as a tool for controlling weeds at the pre-emergence stage," he says.
Collected ticks were confined in screened vials and stored at 15 [+ or -] 1 [degrees] C in sealed desiccator jars containing supersaturated Mg[SO.
The obtained scaffolds were stored in vacuum desiccators at room temperature for storage.
The resulting extract was then lyophilized and maintained in a desiccator at room temperature, in the dark.
The surface preparation of the mechanically polished specimens were carried out using different grades of emery papers, degreased with acetone dried at room temperature and then stored in a desiccator before use.
Temperature control system incorporates beating and refrigeration modules that maintain a stable temperature between -25[degrees]F and 120[degrees]F inside a fully integrated glove box, pass-through or desiccator chamber.
To determine the effect of humidity on the dyes and on the figures of merit, most of the slides were stored in a desiccator per manufacturer specification.
The procedure is as follow: An empty moisture Petri dish was dried in an oven for about 15 minutes and allowed to cool in desiccator containing calcium chloride for about 20 minutes and then weighed.
Formaldehyde emission test was performed by using the standard 2h desiccator test reported by Kim, (2001).
Solvent was removed from the receiver under reduced pressure by use of a vacuum desiccator (typically 1 h at room temperature).
The samples were ground and sieved to four size ranges (the Table) and dried in a desiccator.
Once the washing was completed, the Millipore paper was removed and placed in a Petri dish housed in a desiccator to obtain equilibrium at 54.