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(des'i-kā'tŏr, tōr),
1. Synonym(s): desiccant (2)
2. An apparatus, such as a glass chamber containing calcium chloride, sulfuric acid, or other drying agent, in which a material is placed for drying.
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To determine moisture absorption, the samples were dried in a desiccator with silica gel at 20 [+ or -] 1 [degrees]C for 1 week and weighed with the accuracy of [+ or -] 0.
The coalings were cured for 1 day at ambient conditions and the samples were further conditioned in desiccator at 65% RH.
All tubes were then placed in the desiccator until they reach room temperature and the wax content was then determined when the difference between two weightings was less than 5 mg.
2] at 1, 2 or 3% (samples "b", "c" and "d", respectively), and stirred for 15 minutes (magnetic stirrer); after this time each suspension was filtered, washed, dried at room temperature and kept in a desiccator over anhydrous calcium chloride until constant mass.
The activated products received were dried at 110 [degrees]C and cooled to room temperature in a calcium chloride desiccator.
The optical elements are protected from humidity and stabilized by a sealed interferometer, continuously removing moisture by a reactive polymeric desiccator, and coating the beam splitter with moisture-resistant protective film.
5-mm diameter shallow glass was placed at the bottom of each desiccator below the platform.
After the slugs were weighed, the bags containing the slugs were placed on a porcelain ring in an 11 L desiccator with [approximately equal to]2.
Known weights of each of the samples were introduced into a desiccator containing a saturated solution of sodium chloride.
The method that takes the least amount of time and equipment and still gives a crisp chip is using a very hot (475 degrees or higher) oven or a desiccator (a drying oven).
The wells were covered with aluminum foil with punctures and placed inside a closed desiccator for 2 days for crystal growth by the slow diffusion of gases released by the decomposition of ammonium carbonate placed inside the desiccator (Rajamani et al.