deserted places

de·sert·ed plac·es

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Playmore ordered him to open the doors and shutters, and let the light in on the dark, deserted place.
I do not want money," returned the braided man, "for I could not spend it in this deserted place if I had it.
The official said that during the period, bodies of many unidentified persons were recovered from deserted places of the Capital.
According to the source, the culprits would first take women to isolated locations, rape them and make their videos before throwing them at deserted places.
Stroud is known to adopt simple rules to stay alive in deserted places without food, water, shelter and other resources.
I'm no fisherman; however, in the mid-19th Century the people who would scour these now deserted places in their dozens on a daily basis collecting bait would be the women and children.
She recalled: "I had to go to deserted places with no telephones and get into cars without knowing where I was going.
They were taken alone to the school library, deserted places and other locations, forced to take off their clothes and molested," it said.
They have been urged not to park their vehicles in deserted places and dark areas for a long time.
The study shows that the spaces often used for sexual activities are hotels or inside a truck, bus and trawlers, and other venues like deserted places on roadsides, fields, etc.
Parents must guide their children to stay away from strangers and avoid standing in unfamiliar and deserted places," he said.
The suspects would do a recce of warehouses in industrial areas and deserted places and used the Eid Al Adha and National Day holidays to loot C them brazenly.