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This descriptive study is designed to assess nurses/students' attitudes, beliefs, comfort levels, actual attainment, and importance to practice as it pertains to a sexual history.
3) To investigate authorship trends across a number of medical specialties, we performed a descriptive study comparing two full years of published articles spaced ten years apart from five major medical journals.
In this article, we report the results of our descriptive study of aspirated tracheobronchial foreign bodies in Jordan, and we compare our findings with those of studies in other countries.
Needs of relatives of critically ill patients: a descriptive study.
Wang YR: Spillover effects of restrictive drug formularies in the statin class: A descriptive study of the medicaid preferred drug list in Texas.
To address these issues, this descriptive study examined the relationship between urban student perceptions of the school climate, parent attitudes, and perceptions of education and self, at 10th and 12th grade, and the influence of race and gender on these perceptual relations.
The current descriptive study focused on children and their families from three adoption-related organizations: an international adoption clinic, a private neuropsychological practice, and an adoption agency.
In this descriptive study a fibrescope was used to assess the site and mechanism of tracheal tube impingement during advancement over a variety of fibreoptic bronchoscopes and introducers during orotracheal intubation in anaesthetized adults.
One study was a focus group, one was an ethnography, and the other was a descriptive study.
The fourth is a descriptive study that examines how boys play with superhero toys in child care settings.
Gripped By The Greatness Of God by Pastor James MacDonald (Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, Illinois) is a descriptive study of the Book of Isaiah as which is as inspirational as it is informative.
Tettemer is an informed and informative descriptive study of the steps to be taken in a short time if we are to salvage and protect the environment through sound public policy and scientifically appropriate initiatives in reversing the negligent American mentality toward the natural world.