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To produce desaturation.
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He rapidly deteriorated, becoming confused and desaturating to 88% oxygen saturation even on 4L nasal cannula supplemental oxygen.
In terms of the look of the movie, digital black and white (as opposed to the richer tones of processed film) feels like a lost opportunity compared with the option of simply desaturating colours.
In anaesthesia practice, let alone paediatric anaesthesia practice, waiting for a desaturating patient with a lost airway to awaken is often not reasonable.
The artists work on two levels: saturating and increasing the contrast of the images to the limits of what could still be interpreted as a realistic photograph, making them appear vivid and immediate, or scaling back the colors, desaturating them nearly to the level that they appear faded and of another time.
Six months of CPAP treatment was shown to improve endothelial dysfunction in normotensive men (17) and especially in desaturating OSA patients (18).
Five foetuses had either low scalp pH, decelerations or decreased foetal heart rate variability associated with maternal desaturating apnoeas.
The first is converting your image to grayscale, and the second is desaturating the image.
I came on duty two weeks later, after three days off, to find that Zack had improved and had only been desaturating occasionally over the past two days and I Looked forward to a similar night.
1994; Kronenfeld 2003), or, alternatively, by desaturating locations that do not belong strongly to any single class (Hengl 2003).
There was very poor air entry on auscultation and the patient was desaturating inspite of being on a nonrebreather mask.
One-Touch Red-Eye Fix software recognizes and fixes red eyes, without desaturating the image and without affecting other red items within the photo.
I had been thinking about desaturating the color all the way through the movie, the way John Huston did with 'Moby Dick.