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To produce desaturation.
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2] [greater than or equal to] 90% at rest but the patient desaturates during activity).
2] falls below 55 mm Hg during desaturates during exercise or sleep; also consider nasal exercise or sleep CPAP or bilevel positive airway pressure Table 2.
While working with this patient, you note her hemodynamic and oxygen saturation response to exercise-when she ambulates with a slower gait speed, she has no major problems, but when she is allowed to ambulate at a gait speed that approximates normal, she usually desaturates.
RG: Flashing gives you greater detail in the shadows and it desaturates the film.
VZ: It desaturates it a lot, especially since we were also pushing the film because the days there were so dark.
The videos are not analyzed in any way, and there is no systematic way to access them, although clicking on a screen image that desaturates with cursor contact is a good place for the user to start.
The patent covers the product in which a translucent filter placed over a layer of luminescent film scatters light and desaturates the color of the film causing it to illuminate.