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To produce desaturation.
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After watching the video clip, the participants were then shown 48 consecutive, desaturated color patches and were asked to indicate whether each patch was red, yellow, green, or blue.
Desaturated high contrast photos of Africa are being framed on the black walls of La Galerie Nationale.
On the other hand, the desaturated, extremely contrasted, and overexposed images of the people and the convoluted urban environment surrounding them can cause the viewer to feel a kind of bothersome strangeness, as if this apparently realistic urban space had not been accurately formulated for the film.
One more complaint: the period drama cliche of using desaturated colours to tell us we're in The Past i s getting boring.
One more complaint: the daft period drama cliche of using desaturated colours to tell us we're in The Past is getting boring now.
The self-portraits, grubby flash-lit party pies, desaturated and reprinted with the show's scratched-in title, made Body by Body's authorship clear; its makers' faces marked the limits of what might otherwise appear an unattenuated gastronomic practice, engorged on its own references.
Dietary unsaturated C18:3n-6 and C18:3n-3 FAs are desaturated and elongated to their C20 or C22 PUFAs mediated by microsomal [DELTA]5- and [DELTA]6-desaturases and chainelongation enzymes (Sprecher, 2000; Palmquist, 2009).
The Master'') delivering a desaturated color palette accentuating the overall gloominess.
LINES forming maps on visages, eyes full of questions gazing at you intensely, women in stark jewellery and men in turbans staring at you from desaturated frames -- their travels and wanderings written large on their faces.
The Lanthony desaturated D15 has the same hues with Munsell value 8 and chroma 2 but is not an efficient screening test.
Day 5 post-injection, she acutely desaturated on room air.
His world of comically glum outsiders and deadpan rock 'n' rollers has earned him comparisons to Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch, a good friend of his, while the sense of artifice and discipline he wields in the crafting of his films brings to mind Anderson's own stylistic mastery as well as that of Ozu, Robert Bresson, Jacques Tati, and Roy Andersson, whose most famous works are as if Kaurismaki's comedic traits, despairing worldview, and visual tidiness were all pushed to their extremes and given a ghoulish, desaturated makeover.