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To produce desaturation.
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Here, it was used to desaturate the distracting green in the background.
Interestingly however, a few subjects who did not desaturate initially did so on repeat assessment at 2 weeks.
The Grand Paris Express project (GPE) provides for the construction of 205 km of subway lines on the territory of Ile-de-France and will notably desaturate existing transport.
We agree with Dr Borshoff's recognition of the importance of not waiting for a patient to desaturate before escalating through the stages of a crisis plan.
I was thinking I might desaturate it a bit but this is the colour as it came out of the camera, all I've done is up the contrast" Above, uploader celticraider says: Just wait till the kids call trick or treating, we don't get many trick or treaters to our house
In addition the patient must desaturate for a minimum of five continuous minutes below eighty eight percent on their usual FiO2 nocturnally.
Although a healthy person will not desaturate to the point of cyanosis (turning blue) even with rigorous training, we were able to see O2 saturation fluctuations in response to warm-up, intense activity, active recovery, hyperventilation, breath holding, and super-intense activity.
The patient then began to desaturate, at which point the Glidescope was removed and attempts were made to resume bag-mask ventilation.
The new Sponge tool allows users to saturate or desaturate color areas to bring them into gamut for correct color separation output.
Under the project Desaturate line 13 by the extension of line 14 to Mairie de Saint-Ouen, this case concerns the modification of the main access (making a stair hopper) and the creation a secondary access from the quays to the road to the Olympics station.
Consenting patients who did not desaturate to below 95% were not included in the study.
Under tubelights, the Yutopia desaturates images by a bit, while the Qiku Q Terra brings out the brightest image.