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To produce desaturation.
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Critical issues in the use and analysis of the Lanthony Desaturate color vision test.
2]) of 95% preflight desaturate to about 86% at a cabin altitude of 2 165 m.
After using software (in this case iPhoto) to totally desaturate (remove color) from a photo (either taken against a white background or isolated using PhotoShop), we added dotted lines to guide cutting around the tails and antennae, and "pasted" four life-size images into a Word document.
Carnivorous heterotrophs are unable to synthesize fatty acids longer than 18-carbons, nor can they desaturate carbon-carbon bonds between the ninth and terminal methyl carbon, therefore, these essential fatty acids must be obtained from diet (Olsen 1999).
Someone with a PaO2 of 55 mm Hg (though the SaO2 may be around 88-92%) is more likely to desaturate during sleep since this patient is already on the edge of the downward slope of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve, compared to someone with a PaO2 of 65 mm Hg, who still may be on the top plateau portion of the curve.
These enzymes include desaturases, which, during fatty acid synthesis, desaturate the structure of the fatty acid by inserting double bonds between two carbon atoms, alternating with elongase enzymes, which lengthen the fatty acid structure by adding carbon atoms (Larsson, Kumlin, Ingelman-Sundberg & Wolk, 2004:936; James, Gibson & Cleland, 2000:343S).
However, in the field, although the soil under irrigation will remain saturated, that under the unponded areas will start to desaturate when the soil-water pressure at the surface falls below the air-entry value.
The metabolism of essential fatty acids involves a metabolic sequence of specific enzymes that desaturate, elongate, or shorten the fatty acids.
no oxygen for patients whose oxygenation is normal at rest but who desaturate with exercise.
2] began to desaturate to 21 [+ or -] 2 mm Hg and ICP remained <20 mm Hg on propofol and sublimaze infusions.
With regard to the latter forms of oxygen therapy, patients with chronic respiratory disease who desaturate significantly on exertion may benefit from the provision of oxygen during activity through improved exercise tolerance and reduced dyspnoea during exercise or activities of daily living.
Under the project Desaturate line 13 by the extension of line 14 to Mairie de Saint-Ouen, this case concerns the modification of the main access (making a stair hopper) and the creation a secondary access from the quays to the road to the Olympics station.