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Derrick, 83, has always been a keen musician and it was due to his musical ability that he and Winsome began a love story that would last more than 60 years.
Our investigators joined forces with child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas after spotting Derrick on Twitter.
Bethan Williams, for Derrick, did not oppose the application.
Derrick Strauss, marketing manager for All Western Mortgage, takes full advantage of his home state's outdoor splendor.
Although now living in Birmingham, Derrick was born in Bristol.
Derrick, of Bromford Bridge, used to fit door seals around ovens, which he said were very dusty as well as working with insulation blocks which may have been made from asbestos.
Derrick chose this path because he recently set the American collegiate 10,000 record of 27 minutes, 31.
Episode one sees Derrick visit the famous track, look over the famous winner''s board and get ready for action.
Heartbroken wife Lesley, 30, said yesterday his family would always be grateful for the four years former IT lecturer Derrick was able to spend with his daughter.
So when Derrick began to suffer health issues and was diagnosed in the winter of 2010 with an aggressive form of kidney disease, she was lucky for the support of Charlie, her newfound friend.
Michael Derrick, 68, a retired police officer who lived in Barry was diagnosed with skin cancer 12 years ago but three years ago was told the cancer was back.