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Inspection of the skin, usually with the aid of a lens or by epiluminescence microscopy, (q.v.).
[dermato- + G. skopeō, to view]


The examination of the skin surface using a dermoscope.


(der?ma-tos'ko-pe) [ dermato- + -scopy]
Inspection with a dermatoscope of a pigmented skin lesion to determine malignancy.
Synonym: epiluminescence microscopy
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The emergence of digital dermatoscopy in recent years didn't change that fact and ATBM technology won't either.
To the Editor: Dermoscopy (also known as dermatoscopy, epiluminescence microscopy, and surface microscopy) is a noninvasive technique that enables rapid and magnified (x 10) in vivo observation of the skin and detection of morphologic details often not visible to the naked eye.
Facilities include out- and inpatient care, an operating theatre, proctoscopy, dermatoscopy, and teaching and training rooms.
One-day courses on common skin lesions and dermatoscopy will be held on April 4 and 6, with the summit itself on April 5.
It was determined that practitioners were in need of dermatoscopy among the procedures that are not used routinely by practitioners and in need of education for potassium hydroxide and Wood lamp examination among the procedures that can be used by practitioners easily.
The presence of dots, globules, and asymmetry on dermatoscopy can help you distinguish spreading pigmented AKs from other lesions," said Dr.
In an attempt to correlate molecular detection of early melanoma with the parallel ridge pattern frequently found in the dermatoscopy of melanoma, Yamaura et al (13) used fluorescent in situ hybridization to detect cyclin D1 gene amplification in 33 acral lesions clinically suspected of being early melanomas.
For example, it provides a subcutaneous view not possible with dermatoscopy, a deeper view than confocal microscopy, and 3D zoom for regions of interest.
Key words: Speckled lentiginous nevus, dermatoscopy, lentigo, lentiginous nevus, mosaicism, nevus spilus
The patient can then be referred to a dermatologist for dermatoscopy (epiluminescence microscopy) and/or surgical excision of the lesion for biopsy.
Simionescu O, Dumitrescu D, Costache M, Blum A: Dermatoscopy of an invasive melanoma on the upper lip shows possible association with Laugier Hunziker syndrome.